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Metro Melik

Metro Melik sitting in the STACKS921 radio station black and white photo

It’s a name that’s become synonymous with the 517 area code: Metro Melik. He’s a ‘People’s Champ,’ founder of Lansing Made, creator of the Lansing Made 517 Day Celebration, founder and owner of me2u promotions, LLC which is a photography, and video production company, and owner of Metro Melik 517, a curated collection of locally-produced art, apparel, jewelry, and gifts.

But most importantly, he’s a fun-finder. A goofball. He’s a cool cat who helps to promote cool events. He’s always seeking out the good and the good-hearted fun in the Capital City’s arts and entertainment, culture, and small business scenes.

A recipient of the 2019 City of Lansing LOVELansing Community Builder award, and the 2017 Distinguished Gentleman Award, Brown’s life path is full of varied, interesting chapters: mixologist, actor, model, emcee, poet, comedian, hip-hop performer, videographer, photographer, writer, radio host, marketing consultant, and small business owner.

No matter which hat he’s wearing at the time, one thing's for certain – he’s an everyday community builder. He’s quick with a joke or quip, a gleaming smile, and a hearty laugh you won’t forget.

His dedication to connecting individuals, nonprofits, businesses, and neighborhoods with resources, and seeking out ways to be an active resident is serious, often tireless work.

This father, life partner, ‘People’s Champ’, and fun-finder seriously loves the behind-the-scenes work he does to promote, celebrate and challenge the 517 area. He never takes himself too seriously though. He’s made it his serious mission to encourage people to have a delightful, fun, fulfilled life living in Lansing, just like he has.

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