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Let's see how Metro Melik of me2u promotions can help you achieve more in 2024.


Pro Profile Pic - $150 on location | $115 in studio

Ask for a company discount. Custom pricing depends on the number of employees.


Photography Session:

The base price is $599 depending on specific wants or needs. Senior pictures. Family Photo Sessions. Event Documentation. The list goes on.


Wedding Photography:

Base price: $2,600, single shooter, dependent on specific wants or needs

$3,900, two shooters, based on specific wants or needs

30-day cancellation deadline; Editing begins when the check clears



Two hours - $500 / $120 an hour for add-on time.


Wedding DJ

Base price: $1600 all-inclusive DJ with sound system and music


DJ / Movin’ with Metro Melik Music Mix

Two-hour time commitment - $225 / $85 an hour for additional hours up to five hours

This does not include any sound equipment


Jr High / High School Dance

Base price: $475 / 2 Hours


Senior Prom DJ Services

Base price: $675 / 2 Hours


Event DJ / Birthday Party

Base price: $650 / 3 Hours


Event Photography

Base price: $600/2 hr of photo taking at the event including post-production

Promotional Pictures:

$199 for people/models with your product, we can create a custom setting for you


Sound/emcee equipment rental

Two hours - $500 / $120 an hour for add-on time.


Wedding officiant

Base price: $499 for a custom wedding ceremony, this price includes consultation, creating the custom ceremony, dress rehearsal, and presence at the ceremony.


Podcast production

One-person remote interview recording $50/1 hr, post-production. 

In-person recording for one person $60/1 hr, post-production

Additional people add $10/1 hr per person for up to 4 people. Anything more than 4 people will need to be discussed and the rate will be determined at that time.


Video production

Pricing on video production is challenging to determine because of the variety of specific needs, however, a base price of $2,999 for a 3-camera interview should cover the day of production and post-production.


Livestream production

One Camera Livestream Two-Hours $350 - includes setup, tear-down

Two Camera Livestream with operator $550 - includes one-hour setup, one-hour tear-down
Three Camera Livestream with operator $750 - includes one-hour setup, one-hour tear-down
This does not include any post-production.


Business Consulting

Base price: $120/1 hr. A reduced rate could be considered for multiple sessions, the number of which are agreed upon before consultation begins.


A nugget of advice

$50, or $30 to your favorite charity


Other Services

Other services provided in the me2u promotions, LLC house include Marketing and Advertising

Services provided include but are not limited to Television, Radio, Print, and Online Promotion


Public Speaking

Metro Melik has had a long history of producing, and hosting television shows and hosting, producing, and emceeing events. He is currently the local afternoon radio personality on Stacks 92.1. What Melik could bring to your event is insight, experience, humor, and wisdom on how to move a crowd. Call to see how Metro Melik can help raise your visibility in 2023.


Custom art

Let’s talk about what excites you.


Voice Over Work

Varies by project base rates: 0 - 1 Minute / 150 words or less - $60 to $120; 2 - 5 Minutes / 150 - 750 words - $120 - $300; 5 - 15 Minutes / 750 - 2250 words - $300 - $450


Preproduction Meeting Fee

$75 that can be put towards the final project

Get Movin' with Metro Melik

me2u promotions, LLC, is the parent company of Lansing Made. Lansing Made finds the fun, Metro Lansing is known to create, innovate, activate, and rejuvenate. Lansing Made promotes the positive people, places, spaces, and events in Metro Lansing. Metro Lansing is cool as I C E- Ingham, Clinton, and Eaton counties. 


Check out Metro Melik 517 located at 513 E César E. Chávez Avenue, Lansing MI, 48906-4369.

An artful approach to gift giving. MM517 has a wonderfully curated collection of 517 area-produced art, apparel, jewelry, candles, jewelry, and gift ideas. If you #LoveLansing, Metro Lansing, and the 517 you'll love this. We feature a new artist each month. There are new items often. As well as cool events.

Thank you for your consideration of having me2u help you and your business do more in 2024

~Metro Melik

517-999-4800 or 517-285-4224 

Prices are subject to change without notice. What is listed should be considered as a guide.

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